• Kaltenber Royal Lager Bottle 330 ml

Prinz Luitpold’s strong links to the Royal household and his brewing heritage are both a deeply felt responsibility and the starting point for his commitment to Royal Quality – “beers fit for a King”.

Wherever in the world Kaltenberg beers are brewed, they are strictly brewed according to the Bavarian purity law and family recipes, without compromise on quality.

Kaltenberg beers are brewed using only the finest ingredients: 2 row summer barley varieties are specially selected and quality. The finest hop varieties from the premier growing areas are graded and analysed and only the best are chosen to give the distinctive Kaltenberg hop aroma profile. Kaltenberg’s own pure culture yeast strain impart the incomparable character of Kaltenberg’s top quality Royal beers. 

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Kaltenber Royal Lager Bottle 330 ml

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