• Sababay Mistelle Vin De Liqueur 750ml

Winery : Sababay Winery

Grapes : Vin De Liqueur

Region : Indonesia

Food pairing : Veal, Shellfish, Spicy food, Sweet desserts, Poultry

Alcohol content : 8%

Tasting Notes

A complex yet approachable vin de liqueur mistelle is made only from the best muscat st. vallier grapes and fortified using our own spirit made from the same variety. delicately sweet and aromatic with honey and white flower aromas, mistelle is infused with french and american oak chips to enhance its flavor with vanilla undertones.

Cherish your self with a abottle of mistelle and discover the pinnacle of what indonesian made wine can achieve.

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Sababay Mistelle Vin De Liqueur 750ml

  • Rp.400,000

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